At Plazius, we value each of our customers, and therefore we present our loyalty program to make your visits to us even more pleasant and profitable. Here's how it works:
Basic loyalty level (for orders up to 20,000 rubles): 5% cashback of the order value.
Silver loyalty level (for orders from 20,000 to 40,000 rubles): 10% cashback from the order value.
The golden loyalty level (for orders over 40,000 rubles): 15% cashback of the order value.
Advantages of the Plazius loyalty program:
Cashback from each order: From each paid order you receive bonus points on your account in the application. 1 point = 1 ruble. These points can be used to pay up to 30% of the amount of the next check.
Promotion by levels: From the moment of registration in the application, you start from the basic level with 5% cashback. Gradually, by accumulating orders, you can rise to the Silver or Gold level and receive more cashback.
Increased Cashback on your Birthday: Celebrate your Birthday with Plazius and get an increased cashback of 20% for this special day.
Level Protection: If you actively use the loyalty program for 90 days, your level is saved. However, if you do not use the program for 365 days, all bonuses are reset to zero, and the level is reduced to basic.
Join the Beanhearts Coffee Loyalty Program, and give yourself more pleasure from our coffee treats! To receive cashback and participate in promotions, just give the 6-digit code from the application to the waiter when paying the bill. We are looking forward to seeing you!
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