The Beanhearts Coffee restaurant chain was founded in 2014, and since then it has become a real symbol of gourmet breakfasts and cozy restaurants in 5 different cities. Our 18 restaurants have become true legends, thanks to the large portions and impeccable service that make us unique.
Beanhearts is a place where the best aspects of American and European coffee culture have come to life. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and safety for all our guests. We believe that every person who crosses the threshold of Beanhearts Coffee deserves special attention and care, and we strive to please each of them.
Our success is based on the same style that we maintain in all our restaurants. This style includes the high quality of the services provided, designer interior, courteous service and professionalism of our employees. We are proud to offer our guests not only excellent coffee and delicious food, but also an indescribable atmosphere of warmth and cordiality.
We have developed a diverse menu with a variety of tastes for different target audiences. Here you can enjoy delicious breakfasts, special business lunches, dinners, and of course try our unique desserts and more than 30 types of coffee, which we are proud to offer.
Beanhearts Coffee is not just restaurants and coffee shops, it is a real state of its own traditions and rules. We live like a big friendly family and work as one cohesive team. Our main task is to create a special atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and security for each guest of Beanhearts Coffee. We believe that everyone who visits us should feel special and welcome. Striving for a unified style, high quality and attentive service is what makes us so special.
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