Beanhearts Coffee is an association of professionals who are passionately dedicated to their craft. Our attention to detail, love of coffee, pride in the dishes of our chefs and confectioners, as well as the knowledge of each guest by name create a unique community.
What we offer:
Professionalism and high standards: We adhere to the highest standards of service and strive for excellence. Every day we develop and enrich our skills and knowledge to become real experts in our field.
Working in a team of like-minded people: Here you will find colleagues who share your passion for food culture and aesthetics.
Continuous development and training: We provide professional trainings and support your career development in the restaurant chain or in the office.
Convenience: Flexible schedule, the opportunity to work near home or study, stability and care for our employees, as well as free meals and decent wages.
🚀 Join us and become a part of our team! We are waiting for you to create unforgettable moments for our guests together.
Kazan: 8 (927) 047-71-91, [email protected]
Naberezhnye Chelny: 8 (967) 372-71-90, [email protected]
Nizhnekamsk: 8 (960) 057-24-01, [email protected]
Almetyevsk: 8 (960) 057-24-01, [email protected]
Ufa: 8 (960) 057-23-99
If you share our passion for food culture, if you appreciate taste and aesthetics in everything, and if you are a gourmet to your liking, then Beanhearts Coffee is exactly the place where you can reach your potential. We believe in you and are ready to help you develop in our company. Join us and become a part of our exciting team!
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