Omelet, homemade potatoes with parmesan and herbs, breaded chicken schnitzel, French toast with banana, homemade fruit drinks: cranberry (2 pcs.), sea buckthorn (2 pcs.), kiwi, banana, strawberry, blueberry, caramel topping, mustard sauce, rustic sauce


Homemade potatoes with parmesan and herbs, French toast, broccoli, beef claude, fried onions, fried mushrooms, cole slow salad, breaded chicken strips (3 pcs.), cranberry juice (3 pcs.), sea buckthorn juice, mustard sauce, lingonberry sauce, rustic sauce, caramel pasta, cherry pasta, strawberry pasta (for 4 persons)

Terms of delivery:

“Dear customers, please note that the execution of the order depends on the workload and working hours of the kitchen.
Each order is processed by a manager who will contact you and discuss all the details:
- order composition
- cooking and delivery time
- will warn about the loading of the kitchen and the exact time of the order
- - specify the number of persons and the need for appliances, napkins.
The order is transferred to production only after receiving 100% payment.
With a high load on the kitchen, the manager calls up with the client, and negotiate the terms on time.
The time of preparation of a standard order and delivery is 2 hours.
Delivery throughout the city
IT is POSSIBLE: to make a pre-order, to order more than 4 sets. The order is accepted 2 hours or more before the desired delivery time. The cooking time may be longer and depends on the number of sets and their filling.
Your order will be delivered in cardboard boxes at the agreed time, date and address.
For orders over 1000 rubles - delivery at our expense”
  • Kazan